The Facebook Messaging Bot for Hospitality.


Why Now?

GuestUBot is a chat communication service that allows you to interact with your Facebook followers  as well as your website visitors 24/7. The Bot answers any question from your customers automatically.  Based in natural language programming and artificial intelligence, through GuestUBot your guests can ask any questions they have about your hotel, reservations, and also local information such as restaurants, museums, bars and many other touristic places. 

Users can use the chat service in two ways. First, they can start by asking a question in your website widget, be it on the desktop, mobile web, and within the hotel GuestU white label app on iOS or Android.

Alternatively, a chat can be initiated on Facebook messenger platform. In future it will be possible for the hotel to start a new interaction automatically.

What is GuestUBot?

What can users do with GuestUBot?

Increase conversion rates, incentivize direct booking and increase your brand awareness and top of mind.

Engage with your potential customers throughout the different stages of travelling.

How to use?

What are the key advantages of having a messaging Bot?

Want to beat your competitors and be the first to launch a chatbot? Then sign up GuestUBot. 

The easiest way to implement a chatbot, paying a monthly subscription fee according to the bot success.

Why does my accommodation need a Bot?

Everyone is awaking to the potential potential of chat technology, way more efficient for engaging people than email, phone, or native apps. Leverage this with your thousands followers on facebook and with your website visitors!

GuestU Bot is a concierge bot for hospitality, available to assist guests in their stay with information about the place where they are staying and personalized recommendations of places to visit in town. With GuestUBot, users can:

- Select the place where they are staying;

- Ask anything using Natural Language Processing supported by GuestU Bot (weather information, currency conversion, information about personalities, among others);

- Get must see suggestions of places to visit;

- Ask for restaurant suggestions;

- Ask for cafe suggestions;

- Ask for bar suggestions.

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GuestU specializes in innovative mobile solutions for the hospitality industry. With happy clients all over the world, we understand the needs  of the hospitality industry and keep improving and creating solutions to increase and improve accommodations' business, online ratings and guest experience. 

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